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Accessibility concept


We Accesibility InitiativeW3CNot all people access the web in the same way. Problems with hearing, vision or mobility, difficulties in using the mouse and / or keyboard, difficulties in connectivity, such as the use of text-only browsers, small screens, slow Internet connection, etc., suppose often an insurmountable obstacle when accessing the information that the Network offers.

Implementation of accessibility guidelines

With the intention of facilitating navigation, the pages of the website of www.neurovist.com have been developed following the guidelines established in Web Accesibility Initiative, known as WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), developed by W3C.

We have also defined a series of keyboard shortcuts for the most important sections of the site that facilitate navigation in the case of people who have problems with, or do not have, pointing devices such as the mouse. For the same purpose, a tabulation order has been defined, so that using the tab key of the keyboard the different options of the menus can be traversed in a logical order.

For users who use automatic screen readers, there are a series of shortcuts to the different sections of each page, so that these users do not have to listen to the entire navigation bar each time they change pages. Another keyboard shortcut leads to this accessibility section.

Independence of the contents with respect to the design

For the contents and its structure it is used as HTML 5 tagging language. Cascade Style Sheet (CSS) are used to graphically present them. In this way the presentation and content layers are separated, so that the deactivation of the style sheets in the browser or screen reader does not affect the structure of the contents.

Relative sizes are used in the layout of the graphic elements and in the typography. So the size of the text can be varied in the corresponding option of each browser. The use of javascript is minimal, and does not influence for a correct navigation of the site if it is not available.

This pages uses valid HTML 5


The guidelines of the Web Accesibility Initiative establish three levels of accessibility: A, Double A (AA) and Triple A (AAA) depending on the degree of compliance with priorities 1, 2 and 3 of these guidelines.

To analyze the accessibility of our site, we used the Web Accesibility Test (TAW), which is a tool developed by the Fundación CTIC for the analysis and information of the degree of accessibility of a website..

Currently www.neurovist.com fulfills priority 2, level of accesibility A (AA).

Accesibility verified with TAW

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